Cornish hens with prosciutto and portobello

Servings: 4 to 6
Preparation: 20 minutes
Cooking: 45 minutes


2 Cornish hens (approximately 700 g each)
4 large slices prosciutto
450 g (1 lb) Portobello mushrooms
30 ml (2 Tbsp) Maison Orphée Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil
1 small onion, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
Maison Orphée Coarse Grey Sea Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
80 ml (1/3 cup) white wine
1 bunch cherry tomatoes (250 g)
A few fresh thyme springs


1. On a cutting board, using a sharp knife, half hens lengthwise through breast and open flat. Season lightly and wrap with prosciutto slices. Reserve in the refrigerator.

2. Heat oven to 400°F.

3. Remove stems from mushrooms and slice.

4. In a pan, heat oil and cook onions until lightly gold. Add garlic and mushrooms and cook until water has evaporated. Add a little oil if necessary. Season to taste.

5. Deglaze with white wine. Add tomatoes and thyme springs.

6. Place vegetable mix in a 15 x 10 po oven-proof dish. Top with hens.

7. Bake for approximately 45 minutes or until a meat thermometer inserted in hen thigh reads 180°F.

Serve with any type of short pasta, potato of celery root purée.